Beetrue To Yourself

In a busy world, eating healthy can be a challenge. Unless you know where to go.  The Corner Beet at Cherry Creek is here to help you “fuel” your best. They offer a wide variety of meals and drinks that’ll give you the nutritional boost you need, without sacrificing taste. Their salads, smoothies, burgers, superfood lattes, toasts and more are made fresh just for you and are packed with tons of beneficial fruits and vegetables.

Looking for breakfast? Try their signature breakfast burrito. For lunch, pair their Superfood Salads – your daily dose of rainbows and sunshine in a bowl –  with a fresh smoothie and a variety of choices for toppings. Or perhaps take home an Acai Bowl – a bright and refreshing way to energize your day. If you’re looking for something warmer instead, their superfood lattes are winter coziness in a cup. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for their latest menu additions. We hear soup will be offered soon!