Smash in the Square Returns

Anthony Constantino Jr. from Smash in the Square is gearing up for his Summer Smash Fine Arts Festival, hosted in the world renowned Cherry Creek North District on Fillmore Plaza. Sponsored by Cherry Creek North, this classy outdoor art exhibit features top shelf artists nationwide and live violin & acoustic guitar music. As we wrap up Cherry Creek North’s 70+ days of art, music and culture – come experience this world-class artful event that is sure to delight the exquisite artisan in you! Show hours are 10am – 5pm August 12th – Saturday, and 13th – Sunday.

At the festival you can expect to see a diverse range of mediums like painting, jewelry, photography, metal, wood, mixed-media, and printmaking. Signature jeweler Jonathon Stopper, based out of Florida, will be selling his top-of-the-line jewelry that exemplifies classic elements of Scandinavian and German styles with a distinctive new world look. Denver artist Stefan Geissbuhler, born in Switzerland, is exhibiting his highly sought after paintings that combine a mid-century and modern aesthetic with echoes of abstract expressionism.

In its 5th year in Cherry Creek North, and holding both a Spring (June) & Summer (August) show, the Smash Fine Arts Festival perfectly represents the level-up artful experience the CCN District is known for. Between high-end art galleries, top quality art festivals, and other community events showcasing music & culture, Cherry Creek North is unmatched as the place to be for memorable, distinct attractions and luxury.
This content was created in collaboration with Smash in the Square.