Live and Let Die

Die Die Must Try Beverage Co. has touched down in Cherry Creek for a one-of-a-kind bubble tea shop that brings a wonderful new cultural and beverage experience to the neighborhood. The family-owned company specializes in the unique and tasty tea menu that’s been structured in three easy steps – 1) Pick your drink. Options include Earl Grey infused with lavender, taro milk tea, vanilla and bergamot, and kumquat green tea. 2) Choose from toppings like boba, red bean, grass jelly, and aloe vera. 3) Select your preferred sweetness level. Co-owner Ben Chow fell in love with Cherry Creek North when looking for a neighborhood to settle into, comparing it to a spot in Singapore, where he lived for years, “ Orchard Road is the top shopping area in Singapore, consisting of over a mile stretch of ultra-modern malls featuring the best places to eat amazing food and shop the latest brands. Its status as a destination for relaxation and enjoyment reminds us a lot of Cherry Creek North. We chose here because we felt that boba is the perfect companion for those looking to take in the area’s beautiful shops or treat themselves to one of the area’s many self-care services. Boba is a fun and social drink – and we couldn’t think of a better pairing then with the amazing businesses located in Cherry Creek North.”

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