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Meet Bethany Jordan of Bear Method Organize

Wife. Mother. Model. Pageant Queen. Professional Organizer. Meet Bethany Jordan, the Cherry Creek powerhouse whose background is as eclectic and inspiring as her sense of style. Here, she shares the ins and outs of life as a professional athlete’s wife (her husband is Denver Nugget DeAndre Jordan), why she chose to launch her organizing company, Bear Method, the Cherry Creek haunts she loves to frequent and why New York City will always have her heart.

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What is your favorite aspect about Cherry Creek? Cherry Creek is the nucleus for Denver living – we can take advantage of the 300+ days of sunshine and support local businesses. We have everything we need at an elevated level. It feels both charming and chic and it is a blessing to be able to walk around. What I love most though, is the people. When we first moved here, we were finding homemade cookies, hand-written notes, and thoughtful gifts left on our doorstep. We have made lasting friendships with our neighbors in such a short period of time. That kind of human authenticity is something I hope everyone can both experience and embody.

You recently launched an organizing business. What prompted this and how did you get into this line of work? I spent years searching for work that brought me joy and afforded me exceptional flexibility. Because of the nature of my husband’s job, I have to be able to take my work to any city at any time. It can be hard to have autonomy while in a relationship with someone whose job is larger than life. I interviewed with anyone and everyone, dabbled in modeling, got certified to teach Pilates and even attempted to start an instant baking mix business with a friend. It wasn’t until my mom randomly sent me a social media ad for Marie Kondo’s KonMari Consultant Course two weeks before the start date that I felt fully confident in investing in a career. This course is extremely particular and I had to meet certain requirements to even apply. It just so happened that I had serendipitously embarked on a Tidying Festival (a traditional Japanese act of committing to organizing your entire home, category by category) prior to a big move and in preparation for the birth of our son, so I was primed and ready to submit. It all just clicked. I re-aligned with my younger self who enjoyed purging and tidying my room on the regular. As a new parent, I felt called to help others find peace and create harmony in their homes, even with the wildness involved with children. I realized that I had been managing multiple homes for years, as we had been moving back and forth to different cities, and I discovered there is a whole group of people and families living similarly who could benefit from my experience of implementing organized systems to minimize stress, decrease waste and unnecessary duplicates, and bring in more joyful living. I thought of my family members and acquaintances from my small hometown who have lived in chaos and disease, burdened and buried by stuff. I connected with my desire to leave a legacy that has no limits. I started this business to inspire a new way of living – one that promotes thoughtful intention in a world that encourages fast acting.

What’s something about your industry that most people wouldn’t know? Most people don’t think of tidying up as a form of self care, but it is. Our environment has a profound impact on our well being. This is why we are so often encouraged by wellness gurus to get out in nature, soak in some sunlight, take a breath of fresh air. I can help you invite more peace and balance into your interior space by guiding you through the process of de-cluttering and organizing. Clearing out old, stagnant energy by de-cluttering allows you to let go with grace. Organizing your treasured belongings allows you to give them thanks and an extended shelf life. How you take care of your belongings is a reflection of how to take care of yourself.

Secondly, going through the process of de-cluttering and organizing can be incredibly emotional. Just as organizing can be a form of self-care, it can also be a form of therapy. I am here to help you unload your baggage, literally and figuratively. Each of us has our own stories to tell and a big part of an organizing session is sharing those stories. I want to hear about where you got… or who gave you the…or the person whose face is plastered all over those socks. Sharing your stories gives you an opportunity to show appreciation for an item, regardless of whether you want to keep it or not. Taking time to make a decision about every item that you own is empowering. It can be incredibly therapeutic to take control of your environment, rather than letting it control you.

Finally, trust that I’ve seen worse. So many clients feel self-conscious about the state of their home or office when I first walk in. There can tend to be a sense of “cleaning before the cleaners arrive” mentality. In my line of work, we don’t judge. We listen, we empower and we guide. You don’t have to be a minimalist to be tidy and you don’t have to be a hoarder to want to seek help organizing.

You majored in Industrial Engineering in college. You were Miss Kansas USA 2010 and participated in the Miss USA Pageant. You’ve modeled and done a bit of acting. Your husband is a Denver Nugget. In addition to your new business and motherhood, where is life for you now? Life for me now is a continuous cycle of regenerative evolutions. I am constantly seeking out new ways to optimize my day and improve upon what I’ve already built. Recently, I committed to waking up at 6am every day, no matter the time I go to bed. My husband thinks I am playing with fire, considering we are often eating dinner at midnight after he plays a home game. But I crave consistency – not necessarily routine. Both have been challenging to maintain over the years with my husband’s erratic work schedule. Not to mention we now have a baby, so we really never know what we’re going to get handed each day! Every day is different – we don’t have a 9-5 M-F schedule with weekends off. And that’s okay. I’ve let go of trying to force routine into a lifestyle that doesn’t accept it. I’ve been forced to get clever and remain flexible in how I implement and maintain discipline for my daily non-negotiables and personal time. With this early wake up call, I am able to create consistency and keep routine in flow. In the quiet hours by myself in the morning I am adding into my daily rituals meditation (via MindValley and Joe Dispenza), yoga (via Yoga with Adrienne and Melissa Wood Health) and reading (via Headway App). Most importantly, I’m learning to accept that five, 10 and 15 minutes are enough. Some is better than none, so if I can squeeze in a quick workout, or do a short meditation, I can be proud of myself and feel good about the day.

Do you have any favorite stores in the neighborhood? Show of Hands is fantastic for sourcing unique gifts from local artists. They have the best selection of children’s toys that are educational for the babes and not an eyesore for your home. For clothing, I love A Line Boutique. It’s pure elegance. They carry many of the brands I like to invest in for staple, statement and hero pieces.

What are your favorite restaurants in Cherry Creek and what do you order? Matsuhisa has been one of our go-tos since day one in Denver. Obviously it has an exemplary reputation, being a Nobu Restaurant, but I love that I can feel just as comfortable as I do chic having a sexy date night or a fun group dinner with family and friends. Personally, I’m ordering everything on the specials menu, but if I have to pick a few musts from the standard menu they’d be the Wasabi Caesar Salad, Black Cod Miso in Limestone Lettuce, and Toro Tartar, Caviar. My husband and I love Narrative in the Jacquard hotel – which is my top rec for our family when they visit. I love a hotel bar/restaurant vibe and Narrative vibes high. From the variety of diners (interviewers and interviewees, friends who brunch, the elderly couple regulars, families with and without babies), to the collection of book page art, there is so much to absorb and appreciate. For breakfast I’m always getting the Avocado Toast, add soft boiled egg. For lunch it’s the Farmer’s Gazpacho. Dinner has got to be the Jack Burger and don’t sleep on the Lobster Corndogs for a happy hour snack! I can’t not mention Quality Italian. They have some of the best steak house style menu items with a special twist. It’s cozy and noir inside – very classic, yet gangster. They’re one of the only spots in Denver that will stay open late for us to have dinner out after a Nuggets game and we appreciate their hospitality. The private room is essential and we’ve made rich memories with family and friends over many bottles of exquisite wine there.

What’s your favorite way to relax? I’m a Taurus Zodiac sign by definition so anything that invigorates my senses gets me into a state of calm centeredness.  I love to light incense (currently loving Forest Floor by PLTNC), get a massage (deep tissue or sports, not Swedish, and scalp massage from Face Foundrié), drink something hearty and warm (coffee, Nettle tea with honey, or bone broth), listen to music (Solfeggio frequencies and chill R&B), and walk outside to look at the details of houses and trees.

Who are your five dream dinner party guests and what are you eating? Nelson Mandela to take notes on his courage, unwavering faith and focused discipline. Bill Hader for good-natured entertainment and therapeutic belly laughs. Haley Bieber, but only if she’ll spill all her skincare secrets. Amanda Gorman because – swoon – girl crush who makes me feel all the feels. And finally, Sophia Roe, someone whom I’ve admired through social media for her relentless fight for food equality, impeccable taste and creativity. I have full confidence she is just as incredible in person as she presents herself to be online. We’ll feast on homemade Caesar salad and air fried buffalo chicken wraps – high protein, slightly healthy and truly satiating.

What city in the world have you had the most fun in? New York City. Hands down. I’ve lived nine lives in NYC and they’ve all been vital pillars holding up who I am today. My first visit was with my brother and grandparents when I was eleven and we took pictures at the top of the Twin Towers. It was also during this trip I saw Phantom of the Opera and was too spooked to close my eyes in the shower. I’ve been lucky enough to have several friends live there who’ve taken me to the best eateries, dopest lounges and coolest museums. I’ve gotten to enjoy drag shows, cabarets, karaoke, piano and show tune bars. The energy, the culture, the food, the grunge. It’s simply the best. My husband and I spent a couple of years living in Tribeca, which is a very family-oriented neighborhood with elementary schools on every corner. It was then and there we decided we wanted to get married and start our family. We not only survived the dark days of the pandemic, but we came out of it with a deeper appreciation for each other and for community. New York is romantic and fun. It holds a special place in my heart.